• VBW - Connecting Angle
  • VBW-35x50x2,5
  • VBW-U-Profile with EL-Anchor
  • VBW-65x95x2,5

VBW - Connecting Angle

  • for the connection of window and mounting anchor
  • suitable for fall-proof window mounting

Article sizes

Article-No.Article name [mm]
length 1 x length 2 x material thickness
K-405112VBW-35x50x2,5 Flat steelFlat steel50 PDF
K-405114VBW-65x95x2,5 U-ProfileU-Profile50 PDF
K-405116VBW-65x145x2,5 U-ProfileU-Profile50 PDF
K-405117VBW-65x170x2,5 U-ProfileU-Profile50 PDF
K-405117-3VBW-95x140x3,0 U-ProfileU-Profile50 PDF
K-405118-1VBW-110x125x3,0 U-ProfileU-Profile50 PDF
K-405118-2VBW-110x150x3,0 U-ProfileU-Profile50 PDF
Scope of delivery per item: 1x Connecting Angle, 2x Drilling Screw Ø4.8x13

Load transfer, test reports

2: ift-Rosenheim verification number
Tested for loads right-angled to the window layer: 18-000650-PR01

Article-No.Article name [mm]Gap with eMaximum load
K-405112VBW-35-50x2,513 mm139 kg

For higher load transference /reinforcement, see Heavy Load Angle (SLW)