• Knelsen Gelände

    Headquarters Salzkotten


  • EL-Anker - U-Profil

    EL-Anchor - U-Profile

    The simple solution! Tested by ift-Rosenheim


  • EL-Anker mit VBW

    EL-Anchor with VBW

    The simple solution! Tested by ift-Rosenheim


  • SFK-Anker - U-Profil


    suitable for all window systems (aluminium, wood, plastic). Window can be readjusted after plastering


  • Window Installation Angle

    Wall installation. Suitable for crash-proof window fastening


  • Schulung Muster

    Installation training

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Welcome to Knelsen GmbH

Ihr Profi für Fensterbefestigungen

    About us

    The Knelsen GmbH was founded in 2004 and specializes in developing and producing highly efficient energy-saving window installation systems.

    We offer you the load-bearing connection in every assembly situation!

    In the area of structural insulation, the requirements of the heat protection / energy-saving ordinance have changed significantly in the recent years. The insulation layer has doubled or rather tripled.

    So it is often not possible to accomplish a professional assembly with conventional fasteners. We have developed the K-Universal anchors as an innovative assembly solution for this problem.

    Our portfolio not only includes window fasteners for assembly inside the reveal and in front of the facade, but also window sill brackets and fasteners for roller shutter boxes.

    We offer competent technical advice and custom designs, which are suitable for your assembly situation. Furthermore we host trainings for topics like window installation and fall protection.

    Convince yourself of our offer and contact us.

    Our K-Universal Anchors are 100% made in Germany.

    Our K-Universal Anchors are 100% made in Germany.