Angle Rail (W-Sch)

  • Secure mounting of the anchor to the masonry     
  • Developed for fall prevention
  • Compensates moments of tilt
  • Tested by ift-Rosenheim


If the top stone is not connected to the soffit and therefore cannot be loaded with leverage forces, the large Angle Rail is used to mount to the stone below.

Article-No.Article name [mm]Units / PUDiagram
K-405029W-Sch-140x11550 PDF
K-405029-1W-Sch-140x25050 PDF

Angle Rail in the Set for Mounting According to ETB-Guidelines

  • Developed for the fall protection with perforated bricks
  • Tested with a 17.5 mm stone and is transferable to all thicker perforated blocks
  • Tested by ift-Rosenheim

Article-No.Article name [mm]Units / PUDiagram
K-405029-20W-Sch-140x30 - ETB50PDF