• FMW-U-Profile
  • FMW-95x150x3,0 Two-level tilt


  • simple and fast mounting of windows inside the insulating layer
  • suitable for all window systems (aluminum, wood, plastic)
  • short shank for mounting to the window frame, long shank for mounting to the masonry
  • two-level tilt for more space for sealing
  • window mounting in accordance with resistance class RC2
  • suitable for fall-proof window mounting
  • maximum load tested by ift-Rosenheim

Article sizes

Article-No.Article name [mm]
length 1 x length 2 x material thickness
K-405121FMW-50x140x1,550 PDF
K-405120FMW-65x125x1,550 PDF
K-405127FMW-65x145x1,550 PDF
K-405122FMW-65x145x2,550 PDF
K-405122-3FMW-65x145x3,050 PDF
K-405124FMW-65x170x2,550 PDF
K-405124-3FMW-65x170x3,050 PDF
K-405137-0FMW-75x135x2,550 PDF
K-405123FMW-95x140x3,050 PDF
K-405125FMW-150x160x3,050 PDF
K-405126FMW-95x150x3,0 Two-level tilt50 PDF

FMW-U-Profile set for mounting according to ETB-Guidelines

ift-Rosenheim verification number
FMW-U-Profile tested for load transference according to ETB-Guidelines: 17-000719-PR02

Article-No.Article name [mm]
length 1 x length 2 x material thickness - screw
K-405122-8FMW-65x145x3,0-BS32 - ETB
(Set with drilling screws L=32 mm & dowels)
Aluminium, Plastic50 PDF
K-405122-85FMW-65x145x3,0-BS50 - ETB
(Set with drilling screws L=50 mm & dowels)
Aluminium, Plastic50 PDF
K-405128-85FMW-80x180x3,0 FMS-52 – ETB
(Set with window mounting screws L=52 mm & dowels)
Wood50 PDF

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Load transfer, test reports

1 ift-Rosenheim verification number
Tested for loads in the window layer: 11-003442-PR06, 12-002151-PR04, 14-002150-PR02, 17-001190-PR01

Material thicknessMaximum load / bearing out A
25 mm35 mm40 mm55 mm57 mm60 mm87 mm143 mm
1,5 mm212 kg110 kg*45 kg40 kg*38 kg---
2,5 mmmin 212 kg170 kg140 kg*68 kg60 kg*50 kg*34 kg-
3,0 mmmin 347 kg347 kg270 kg*147 kg143 kg*139 kg66 kg16 kg

*approximate value based on test reports

2 ift-Rosenheim verification number
Tested for loads right-angled to the window layer: 18-000650-PR01

Material thicknessMaximum load
1,5 mm59 kg
2,5 mm91 kg
3,0 mm182 kg