BAP-SLK - Heavy Load Bracket

  • for secure mounting underneath floor-depth elements
  • right-angled bracing of the balcony connection profile
  • offers high load transference
  • simple and fast mounting in case of an already existing insulating layer
  • maximum load tested by ift-Rosenheim
  • suitable for fall-proof window mounting
  • tested according to ETB guidelines (ift-Rosenheim): verification number: 18-003796-PR05

Load transfer, test reports

Article-No.Article name [mm]
length U-profile angle type angular dimensions
Bearing out AMaximum loadUnitsDiagram
K-405210BAP-SLK-200 U110x12570 mm123 kg25 PDF
K-405210-01BAP-SLK-200 U110x15070 mm123 kg25 PDF
K-405211BAP-SLK-250 U110x15090 mm144 kg25 PDF
K-405212BAP-SLK-300 S110x150110 mm116 kg25 PDF
K-405213BAP-SLK-350 S120x200110 mm116 kg25 PDF
Scope of delivery per item: 1x U-Profile, 1x Connecting Angle, 2x Drilling Screw Ø6,3x16,
2x Heavy-Duty Dowel Ø8x71