• SLW installation 1
  • SLW installation 2
  • Load transfer SLW

SLW - Heavy Load Angle

  • simple and fast mounting of windows in the insulation layer
  • high load transfer
  • suitable for all window systems (aluminium, wood, plastic)
  • insulation can be easily installed afterwards

Article sizes

1 ift-Rosenheim verification number
Tested for loads in the window layer: 17-001190-PR01

Article-No.Article name [mm]
length 1 x length 2 x material thickness
Bearing out AMaximum loadUnitsDiagram
K-405200SLW-60x180x2,535 mm213 kg10 PDF
K-405201SLW-95x180x2,570 mm213 kg10 PDF
K-405201-2SLW-110x150x2,570 mm213 kg10 PDF
K-40520128SLW-110x250x2,570 mm213 kg10 PDF
K-405201-1SLW-120x200x2,5110 mm172 kg10 PDF
K-405202SLW-150x200x2,5110 mm172 kg10 PDF
K-40520210SLW-150x250x2,5110 mm172 kg10 PDF
K-405204SLW-180x200x2,5150 mm301 kg10 PDF
K-405202-1SLW-200x250x2,5150 mm
200 mm
301 kg
157 kg
10 PDF
K-405203SLW-200x300x2,5150 mm
200 mm
301 kg
157 kg
10 PDF
Scope of delivery per item: 5x left, 5x right