• Insulation Frame - XPS
  • Insulation Frame wall edge strip section
  • Insulation Frame wall edge strip
  • Window mounting with the Insulation Frame - XPS
  • Wall edge strip 2D

Insulation Frame - XPS

  • thermal bridges at window openings are avoided
  • neat connection face for insulation systems
  • facilitates sealing
  • solid and water-repellent
  • can be plastered directly
  • easy processing (cutter, jigsaw, hand saw)
  • glue it for fastening

Article sizes

Article-No.Article name [mm]
width x height
K-406008Insulation Frame-XPS-80x801250 mm
K-406010Insulation Frame-XPS-80x1001250 mm
K-406012Insulation Frame-XPS-80x1201250 mm
K-406014Insulation Frame-XPS-80x1401250 mm
K-406016Insulation Frame-XPS-80x1601250 mm
K-406018Insulation Frame-XPS-80x1801250 mm
K-406020Insulation Frame-XPS-80x2001250 mm