• WU-Strut
  • WU-Strut-S95x180-M12x115-165


  • suitable for all window systems (aluminium, wood and plastic)
  • easily adjustable blocking
  • can be adjusted from above, below and from the side

Article sizes

Article-No.Article name [mm]
angle type angular dimensions - thread x adjustable height
angle typeadjustable heightUnitsDiagram
K-00033400WU-Strut-U65x120x3,0-M12x85-135U-Profile85 - 135 mm10 PDF
K-00034000WU-Strut-U95x140x3,0-M12x115-165U-Profile115 - 165 mm10 PDF
K-00034090WU-Strut-S95x180-M12x115-165SLW115 - 165 mm10 PDF
K-00034100WU-Strut-S120x200-M12x140-190SLW140 - 190 mm10 PDF
K-00034120WU-Strut-S150x200-M12x170-220SLW170 - 220 mm10 PDF
Scope of delivery per item: 1x WU-Adjusting Element-M12x70-F, 1x Angle