• SFK-Anchor - Flat Steel
  • SFK-Anchor - Flat Steel

SFK-Anchor - Flat Steel

  • suitable for all window systems (aluminium, wood, plastic)
  • window can be readjusted after plastering
  • window mounting without visible dowel holes
  • well-suited for fixed windows with glued in glazing
  • easily adjustable wedging
  • for mounting in the reveal
  • suitable for fall-proof window mounting
  • resistance class RC2 tested, PIV test number: 45-6/21

Article sizes

Article-No.Article name [mm]
length x material thickness - adjustable height
K-148992-FSFK-125x2,5-F-4050 PDF
K-149003-10-FSFK-125x2,5-F-6050 PDF
K-148996-FSFK-150x2,5-F-4050 PDF
K-149004-2-FSFK-150x2,5-F-6050 PDF

Load transfer, test reports

2 ift-Rosenheim verification number
Tested for loads right-angled to the window layer: 18-000650-PR01

Tested gap with eMaximum load
20 mm170 kg

Tested crash-proof window fastening. ift-Rosenheim test number:  18-003796-PR08

Article-No.Article nameColourUnits
K-148010Cover Cap Ø10,5 whitewhite50
K-148012Cover Cap Ø10,5 brownRAL800150
K-148013Cover Cap Ø10,5 greyRAL703550
K-14801310Cover Cap Ø10,5 anthraciteRAL701650
K-148015Cover Cap Ø10,5 blackblack50
  • Cover Cap Ø 10,5 white
  • Cover Cap Ø 10,5 black
  • Cover Cap Ø10,5 grey