• EL-Anchor - Flat Steel
  • EL-Anchor - Flat Steel

EL-Anchor - Flat Steel

  • simple and fast mounting of windows
  • suitable for all window systems (aluminium, wood, plastic)
  • the direct screwing through the window into the anchor is a proved wedging
  • pressure-resistant wedging, even with softer bricks
  • reinforces masonry
  • for ensuring edge spacings
  • simple handling during modification works or when replacing the window
  • resistance class RC2 tested
  • suitable for fall-proof window mounting
  • tested according to ETB guideline (ift-Rosenheim): 17-000719-PR01

Article sizes

Article-No.Article name [mm]
length x material thickness
K-405099-FEL-125x2,5 Flat Steel50 PDF
K-405101-FEL-150x2,5 Flat Steel50 PDF
K-405104-FEL-200x2,5 Flat Steel50 PDF
K-405106-FEL-250x2,5 Flat Steel50 PDF
K-405107-FEL-300x2,5 Flat Steel50 PDF