Window Mounting Screws Ø7,5x42-302



SK = Countersunk Head

Article-No.Article name [mm]
diameter x length
K-7,5x042-SKWindow Mounting Screw 7,5x42 - SK100
K-7,5x052-SKWindow Mounting Screw 7,5x52 - SK100
K-7,5x062-SKWindow Mounting Screw 7,5x62 - SK100
K-7,5x072-SKWindow Mounting Screw 7,5x72 - SK100
K-7,5x082-SKWindow Mounting Screw 7,5x82 - SK100
K-7,5x092-SKWindow Mounting Screw 7,5x92 - SK100
K-7,5x102-SKWindow Mounting Screw 7,5x102 - SK100
K-7,5x112-SKWindow Mounting Screw 7,5x112 - SK100
K-7,5x122-SKWindow Mounting Screw 7,5x122 - SK100
K-7,5x132-SKWindow Mounting Screw 7,5x132 - SK100
K-7,5x152-SKWindow Mounting Screw 7,5x152 - SK100
K-7,5x182-SKWindow Mounting Screw 7,5x182 - SK100
K-7,5x202-SKWindow Mounting Screw 7,5x202 - SK100
K-7,5x212-SKWindow Mounting Screw 7,5x212 - SK100
K-7,5x252-SKWindow Mounting Screw 7,5x252 - SK100
K-7,5x302-SKWindow Mounting Screw 7,5x302 - SK100


LK = Fillister Head

Article-No.Article name [mm]
diameter x length
K-7,5x072-LKWindow Mounting screw 7,5x72 - LK100
K-7,5x082-LKWindow Mounting screw 7,5x82 - LK100
K-7,5x092-LKWindow Mounting screw 7,5x92 - LK100
K-7,5x112-LKWindow Mounting screw 7,5x112 - LK100
K-7,5x132-LKWindow Mounting screw 7,5x132 - LK100
K-7,5x152-LKWindow Mounting screw 7,5x152 - LK100
K-7,5x182-LKWindow Mounting screw 7,5x182 - LK100
K-7,5x212-LKWindow Mounting screw 7,5x212 - LK100


ZK = Cylindrical Head

Article-No.Article name [mm]
diameter x length
K-7,5x072-ZKWindow Mounting Screw 7,5x72 - ZK200
K-7,5x082-ZKWindow Mounting Screw 7,5x82 - ZK200
K-7,5x092-ZKWindow Mounting Screw 7,5x92 - ZK200
K-7,5x102-ZKWindow Mounting Screw 7,5x102 - ZK100
K-7,5x112-ZKWindow Mounting Screw 7,5x112 - ZK100
K-7,5x122-ZKWindow Mounting Screw 7,5x122 - ZK100
K-7,5x132-ZKWindow Mounting Screw 7,5x132 - ZK100
K-7,5x152-ZKWindow Mounting Screw 7,5x152 - ZK100
K-7,5x182-ZKWindow Mounting Screw 7,5x182 - ZK100
K-7,5x202-ZKWindow Mounting Screw 7,5x202 - ZK100
K-7,5x212-ZKWindow Mounting Screw 7,5x212 - ZK100
K-7,5x252-ZKWindow Mounting Screw 7,5x252 - ZK100
K-7,5x302-ZKWindow Mounting Screw 7,5x302 - ZK100


Drilling Screw compliant with DIN 7504 Type N

Article sizes

Article-No.Article name [mm]
diameter x length
K-4,8x13Drilling Screw 4,8x13500
K-4,8x19Drilling Screw 4,8x19500
K-4,8x22Drilling Screw 4,8x22500
K-4,8x32Drilling Screw 4,8x32500
K-4,8x50Drilling Screw 4,8x50500
K-4,8x70Drilling Screw 4,8x70500
K-6,3x16Drilling Screw 6,3x16500
K-6,3x22Drilling Screw 6,3x22500
K-6,3x25Drilling Screw 6,3x25500
K-6,3x32Drilling Screw 6,3x32500
K-6,3x50Drilling Screw 6,3x50500
K-6,3x70Drilling Screw 6,3x70250

Carriage Bolt M8x16 similar to DIN 603-4, square shaft height 3,5 mm

Article sizes

Article-No.Article name [mm]Units
K-000002M8x16 Carriage Bolt100

M8 Flange Nut compliant with DIN 6923

Article sizes

Article-No.Article name [mm]Units
K-000001M8 Flange Nut100