• Polymerkleber grau

Adhesive - MS FLEXI AD Polymer

  • Hybrid adhesive and sealant
  • can be used indoors and outdoors
  • suitable for use on damp surfaces
  • fast curing with almost no shrinkage
  • does not cause corrosion
  • contains no isocyanates, silicones or solvents
  • can be painted over immediately after application with water-thinnable paints

Technical data

basehybrid polymer
consistencyfirm paste
densityca. 1,52 g/ml
skin formationca. 35-45 minutes (23ºC; 50% RH)
storage8 months
cure speedca. 3 mm/24 h (23ºC; 50% RH)
shrinkage< 6%
shore A-Hardnessca. 50
processing temperature+5ºC bis +40ºC

Technical data

ISO 37 (2mm thick, 7 days, 23ºC; 50% RH)

ISO 8339 (12x12x50 mm distance, 28 days, 23ºC; 50% RH)

modulus of elasticity 100%1,40 N/mm²
tensile strength2,0 N/mm²
elongation at tear200%
modulus of elasticity 100%0,25 N/mm²
tensile strength0,40 N/mm²
elongation at tear300%

Article sizes

Article-No.Article name [mm]Units
K-40608001Polymer adhesive - grey1

Polymer adhesive - grey

content: 600 ml