• Direct-Window Sill Bracket aluminium flush
  • D-FBH flush
  • Direct-Window Sill Bracket aluminium variable
  • D-FBH variable

Direct-Window Sill Bracket

  • direct mounting to the window frame
  • no thermal bridges
  • ensures a uniform incline
  • flush: window sill flush with external window frame
  • variable: window sill is shorter than the window frame

Installation instructions

Because of the direct mounting of the window sill bracket to the window, it is irrelevant how far it extends into the insulating layer. The window sill end piece lies directly on the bracket. The window sill bracket guarantees a consistent tilt. Through the screwing or glueing of the window sill end pieces to the window sill bracket, loads from below (e.g. wind load) are also carried.

Article sizes

Article-No.Article name [mm]tiltUnitsDiagram
K-405065D-FBH flush100 (50 left hand & 50 right hand) PDF
K-405066D-FBH variable100 (50 left hand & 50 right hand) PDF

Fastening distances for aluminium window sills

It is sufficient to set a window sill bracket at the right and the left side until a length of 1000 mm and an overhang depth of 240 mm.


As a mounting aid for stone window sills

Fastening distances for stone window sills

The fixing distances specified by the window sill manufacturer must be observed.