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Interior joint sealing film

  • suitable for interior sealing
  • UV-resistant
  • self-adhesive with acrylate-based adhesive
  • plasterable joint sealing film for air-tight / driving rainproof sealing of window connection joints
  • inside: full-surface adhesive surface for fastening to the masonry
  • outside: 12 mm wide adhesive strip for fastening to the window profile
  • material: aluminum membrane
  • ift-Rosenheim tested, test number:
    21-001750-PR01 (PB-K07-02-en-01)

Technical data

sd-valueEN 1931> 500 m
air permeabilityEN 12114no measurable air passage, tested with 1100 Pa
driving rain impermeabilityEN 1027:2016-03tested with 600 Pa
UV resistance 12 months
temperature resistance -40°C to +80°C
processing temperature -5°C to +30°C after surface preparation
storage 1 year, dry and in original packaging, at 0°C to 25°C

Article sizes

Article-No.Article name [mm]
Width [mm]Units

WTI Total Alu 70

K-40801085WTI Total Alu 85851
K-40801100WTI Total Alu 1001001
Roll length: 30 m