AS-Holder SL - Gutmann Fall Protection

  • assembly of Gutmann bar
  • enables the use of roller shutter guides, fly screens etc.
  • window can be covered over up to 30 mm (RAL guideline)
  • suitable for all systems (aluminium, wood, plastic)
Article-No.Article name [mm]UnitsDiagram
K-130073AS-Holder SL-125-3020 PDF
K-130075AS-Holder SL-150-3020 PDF
K-130077AS-Holder SL-175-3020 PDF

Befestigung am Holz- / Holz-Alu-Fenster


Artikelname [mm]

Länge x Distanzstück

K-13007800AS-Halter SL-125-30-Holz20 PDF
K-13007810AS-Halter SL-150-30-Holz20 PDF
K-13007820AS-Halter SL-175-30-Holz20 PDF