WS-Mounting Bracket

  • Simple and fast mounting of windows inside the insulating layer
  • Suitable for all systems (aluminum, wood, plastic)
  • Blocking-free mounting
  • With angle connection, suitable for mounting from below
  • With flat connection, suitable for mounting from below and the side
  • The mounting bracket ist adjustable in three dimensions in order to be able to compensate structural tolerances
  • Maximum load tested by ift-Rosenheim


WS-Konsole mit Winkelanschluss   WS-Konsole mit Flachanschluss


ift-Rosenheim number
WS-Bracket tested for load transference: 11-003442-PR06

Article-No.Article name [mm]Bearing out [mm]Maximum load [kg]Units / PUDiagram
(Flat connection M8x60)
5523750Initiates file downloadPDF
K-405076WS-65x110-W60 (Angle connection M8x60)5523750Initiates file downloadPDF
(Flat connection M8x60)
1059950Initiates file downloadPDF
K-405078WS-110x110-W60 (Angle connection M8x60)1059950Initiates file downloadPDF