• Secure window mounting for every masonry
  • Suitable for all systems (aluminum, wood, plastic)
  • Offers high load transference with great overhang
  • Blocking-free mounting
  • Maximum load tested by ift-Rosenheim


 WU-ST-Anker mit Winkelschiene und V-Lochschiene  WU-ST-Anker mit Flachanschluss   WU-ST-Anker mit Winkelanschluss


ift-Rosenheim number
WU-ST-Anchor tested for load transference: 12-002151-PR09, 12-002151-PR10

Article-No.Article name [mm]Bearing out [mm]5 mm position chageUnits / PUDiagram
K-405070-FWU-ST-250x2,5-65-F80331 kg25Initiates file downloadPDF
K-405070-WWU-ST-250x2,5-65-W80331 kg25Initiates file downloadPDF
K-405071-FWU-ST-300x3,0-110-F140196 kg25Initiates file downloadPDF
K-405071-WWU-ST-300x3,0-110-W140196 kg25Initiates file downloadPDF
K-405072-FWU-ST-350x3,0-155-F185132 kg25Initiates file downloadPDF
K-405072-WWU-ST-350x3,0-155-W185132 kg25Initiates file downloadPDF








Because the support of the WU-ST-Anchor does not always sit perfectly, position changes of up to 2.0 mm can occur when placing the window. For this reason, the load values are stated allowing for a 5.0 mm position change.