• Suitable for all systems (aluminum, wood, plastic)
  • Window mounting without visible dowel holes
  • Well-suited for fixed windows with glued in glazing
  • Blocking-free mounting
  • Window mounting in accordance with resistance class RC2
  • Maximum load tested by ift-Rosenheim




    The W-Anchor is used when fixing an element with a fixed side section (frame glazed / fixed casement). For frame profiles with indentations, the 14 mm sleeve must be selected in order that the grub screw can be reached without a problem. In case of profiles without indentations, the 10 mm sleeve will suffice.


    Article-No.Article name [mm]Units / PUDiagram
    K-405002W-150x1,5-40-Sleeve1025Initiates file downloadPDF
    K-405001W-150x1,5-40-Sleeve1425Initiates file downloadPDF
    K-405006W-200x1,5-40-Sleeve1025Initiates file downloadPDF
    K-405005W-200x1,5-40-Sleeve1425Initiates file downloadPDF
    K-405010W-200x2,5-40-Sleeve1025Initiates file downloadPDF
    K-405009W-200x2,5-40-Sleeve1425Initiates file downloadPDF
    K-405011W-250x2,5-40-Sleeve1025Initiates file downloadPDF
    K-405013W-250x2,5-40-Sleeve1425Initiates file downloadPDF
    K-405012W-300x3,0-40-Sleeve1025Initiates file downloadPDF
    K-405014W-300x3,0-40-Sleeve1425Initiates file downloadPDF
    K-405016W-350x3,0-40-Sleeve1025Initiates file downloadPDF
    K-405015W-350x3,0-40-Sleeve1425Initiates file downloadPDF