SL-Konsole - Heavy Load Bracket

  • Suitable for all systems (aluminium, wood, plastic)
  • Offers high load transference with great overhang
  • Inclusive Protection Plate protects the masonry and distributes point load on area load
  • Protects the sealing
  • Maximum load tested by ift-Rosenheim
  • Many possible combinations with other K-Universal Anchors
Article-No.Article name [mm]L [mm]L1 [mm]Units / PUDiagram
K-405270SL-Konsole 220-802208025 PDF
K-405271SL-Konsole 265-125265


25 PDF
K-405272SL-Konsole 315-17531517525 PDF
K-405273SL-Konsole 365-22536522525 PDF

1: ift-Rosenheim verification number
Tested for loads in the window layer: 17-001190-PR01

Bearing out AMaximum load
70 mm435 kg
110 mm375 kg
145 mm342 kg

2: ift-Rosenheim verification number
Tested for loads right-angled to the window layer: 18-000650-PR01

Article-No.Article name [mm]Gap with eMaximum load
K-405112VBW-35-50x2,514 mm139 kg

In combination with VBW – Connecting Angle

In combination with Adjusting Element

In combination with BAP-Adjusting Element