AS-Holder for Fall Protection

  • Enables the use of roller shutter guides, fly screens etc.
  • Window can be covered over with insulation, up to 30 mm (RAL guidelines)
  • Suitable for all systems (aluminum, wood, plastic)


AS-Halter  AS-Halter Zeichnung



ift-Rosenheim number
Tested for fall protection: 17-001190-PR02

Article-No.Article name [mm]Units / PU
K-130053AS-Holder 125-3020
K-130055AS-Holder 150-3020
K-130057AS-Holder 175-3020
K-130073AS-Holder SL-125-3020
K-130075AS-Holder 150-3020
K-130077AS-Holder SL-175-3020