Anchor Mounting in case of insulated Reveal


  • Simple and fast mounting of windows in the insulation layer
  • Suitable for all systems (aluminum, wood, plastic)
  • Secure window mounting in case of insulated masonry
  • Blocking-free mounting
  • Simple handling during modifications or when replacing the window


EL-Anker bei gedämmter Laibung


Article-No.Article name [mm]Units / PU
K-M8x1001 Hanger bolt M8x100, 2 Flange Nutn, 1 Dowel100
K-M8x1201 Hanger bolt M8x120, 2 Flange Nutn, 1 Dowel
K-M8x1401 Hanger bolt M8x140, 2 Flange Nutn, 1 Dowel100
K-M8x1601 Hanger bolt M8x160, 2 Flange Nutn, 1 Dowel100